Editor’s Note: Find Your Happy Moves


September 7, 2016

By Kris Parfitt

Photo at right: Our Editor’s favorite happy move this summer was marrying Dan Travers. Photo by Mira Poling Anselmi, courtesy of Mira Stories


I believe that moving our bodies keeps us healthy and flexible. Some studies even suggest that engaging in physical activity can increase feelings of happiness.

Currently I’m recovering from an injury that has limited my ability to sit and walk. Because I have always been active I’ve experienced plenty of limitations to movement due to injuries, yet not without frustration.

This injury has been discouraging because I’m older and it has taken a long time to heal. After two months, I was finally able to stand on my injured leg and walk up and down stairs without pain, discomfort or assistance.

During my recovery period this past summer, I edited Yitka Winn’s article for this month’s On the Run column, Emotional Strategies for Coping with Injury. It’s exactly what I needed to read! One of the “aha” moments I had after reading Winn’s article was to consider what type of movement makes me happy.

Walking, I realized during physical therapy, is one of my favorite activities to do—around the neighborhood, cities I visit while traveling, on the trail and, most recently, the honor of walking down the aisle to marry my longtime beau, Dan.

Here at OutdoorsNW we focus each edition on a specific way of moving—for example the summer edition focused on hiking and the spring edition on paddling. This edition focuses on running, another inspiring way to move.

Winn’s article is a great resource for working through an injury but we also know you’ll be inspired to move after reading the NW Trails article on Running the Wonderland Trail.

This autumn edition features a special section that will inspire anyone to visit the Olympic Peninsula—whether to move along the Olympic Discovery Trail or be moved by the beauty of Olympic National Park.

More inspiration for movement can be found in the Think Snow section with news about the new Warren Miller film, an interview with Northwest skier Tyler Ceccanti, Portland’s Ski Fever, and a fresh list of NW Ski Swaps—all of which will inspire impromptu snow dancing (another great way to move!).

After reading about the Bend Oktoberfest, Wiener Dog Races and viewing the list of Northwest Oktoberfests, we think you’ll be moved to hoist a beer (or two) and dance the Oompa this fall.

The Go Pedal column will stoke your spokes on how to stay in cycling shape throughout the winter and our Staff Picks reviews are all about gear that inspires movement.

Thanks for reading this edition and finding out what kind of activity makes you happy to move!

Kris Parfitt
Managing Editor

We welcome your comments! Please email Kris here.

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