Bike Confidence Boost for Adults


March 14, 2017

Spoke Notes

By Briana Orr

Photo at right: A professional bike instructor since 2011, William Gerdes lives in Seattle with his wife and son. Photo courtesy of Cascade Bicycle Club


William Gerdes has been a professional educator for over a decade. He believes there’s something unique about teaching adults how to ride a bicycle for the first time.

“People who are not confident [in bicycling]… it’s been wearing on them for years,” he said.

Gerdes is one of Cascade Bicycle Club’s team of 10 instructors who teach riding and maintenance classes to people of all ages and abilities.

His primary role is to show his students their progress and boost their confidence. In addition to instruction, Gerdes says that encouragement is a key component in learning to ride a bike.

Learn more about the Cascade Bicycle Club’s education programs at

Briana Orr is the Cascade Bicycle Club Communications and Marketing Manager.

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