Editor’s Choice: Road Trip Gear Review


February 1, 2017

By Kris Parfitt and PJ Watanabe


Thermacell Scout Insect-Repellent Camp Lantern

Lightweight, portable and innovative, Thermacell’s Scout Insect-Repellent Camp Lantern is an affordable and efficient solution to pesky mosquitoes and black flies. Serving as both a long-burning lantern and insect repellent, the Scout uses four AA batteries for both the bulb and the butane cartridge that heats two insect-repellent strips. In less than 10 minutes, the Scout creates a 15-square-foot odorless protection zone with or without the lantern lit. Retail: $40

Scrubba Wash Bag

Doing laundry on a road trip is a breeze with the pocket-sized Scrubba Wash Bag. This ultraportable dry-bag weighs in at five ounces and includes an internal flexible washboard. With a washing capacity of two shirts, a pair of underwear and two pairs of socks, it takes a gallon of water, wash soap and two minutes of shaking to produce clean clothes. The Scrubba not only saves you money, time and water, the company also provides access to safe drinking water for people living in developing countries. Retail: $50

Rinse Kit

When a quick rinse is needed after playing outdoors, the Rinse Kit provides high-pressurized water in a portable container. Self-pressurized from just filling up the bladder, the Rinse Kit includes a garden nozzle attached to a 4-foot, braided-cloth hose. With three minutes of spray time, this handy tool is perfect for rinsing dogs, kids, bikes, kayaks or whatever after a dirty day of adventure. Retail: $90

ROLA Vortex 2-Piece Roof Top Cargo Carrier

Packing for a road trip can be challenging especially when you’re limited on space. ROLA has the solution with the Vortex 2-Piece Roof Top Cargo Carrier. Powder-coated steel construction provides solid weatherproof durability, while the sleek custom air deflector reduces wind noise and drag. Long-haul travelers have the option to increase the basket size with an expander, sold separately. The universal mounting brackets fit most vehicles with existing crossbars for easy installation. Retail: $220.50

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