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24 Hours Round the Clock


24 hour team relay mountain bike race on the scenic trails of Riverside State Park, beginning at noon on Saturday and ending at noon on Sunday. Teams and solos compete for medals, prizes and bragging rights. We'll start you off at High Noon on Saturday and you'll be doing laps on a 15 mile course for 24 hours, straight on through the wee hours of the night and back into daylight again on Sunday.

We'll give you a weekend of camping, mountain biking, laughing, food, camaraderie and fun that you'll never forget. Go it alone or get a team together with your friends, their friends and anyone else who wants to have nothin' but fun for 2 solid days.

Your team decides how many laps each person does…one or a whole bunch. So bring your camping gear, bike gear and whatever else will keep you going for 24 hours... then come on out and get dirty with us!

Start Date : May 27, 2017
End Date : May 28, 2017

Location :
Spokane, WA


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Event Categories: Bicycling and Mountain Biking.

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