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Sports Medicine

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Click links below for Physical Therapy tips from our partner, Therapeutic Associates, Inc.

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>> Sports Medicine: Preparing For The Downhill

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>> Sports Medicine: Ski Strong Fit Tip Single Leg Squats

>> Sports Medicine: Recovery After a Long Bike Ride

>> Sports Medicine: Body Meets Bike

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>> Sports Medicine: Nordic Skiing Provides Full Body Benefits

>> Sports Medicine: Getting to the Core of Winter Ski Prep

>> Sports Medicine: Preparing for Hiking Adventures

>> Sports Medicine: Upper Body Stretching Decreases Cycling Pain

>> Avoid Injury During Ski Season

>> Proper Bike Fit Leads to a Better Cycling Experience

>> Borrowing From Barefoot Running

>> Post-cycling exercises to prevent strain

>> Going Off the Beaten Path Can Help Avoid Overuse Injuries

>> Pre-Season Snow Sports Conditioning

>> Preventing Cycling Injuries in the Fall Season


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