OutdoorsNW, since its inception in 1988, has been the foremost outdoor magazine in the Northwest. Our editorial coverage broadly encompasses Northwest, giving a wide berth of activities, events and travel destinations.  OutdoorsNW publishes four times a year, and not only delivers vibrant print content but also offers a well-rounded digital experience. Our website, updated regularly with engaging articles, interactive media, and stunning photography, extends the storytelling beyond the printed pages. This digital platform is designed to attract and captivate a wider audience, and it's accessible anytime, anywhere, providing additional value to our readers.

 Our online content complements our print issues, offering in-depth features, timely news, and exclusive online-only content. This synergy between print and digital media gives our advertisers an extended reach, reinforcing their message across multiple channels. 

With OutdoorsNW, advertisers get a comprehensive package - a valued print publication, and a robust digital presence, ensuring a holistic exposure to an engaged, outdoor-loving demographic. Our commitment is to enlighten and motivate, a goal we achieve through the backing of our advertisers. We encourage you to explore how teaming up with OutdoorsNW could yield benefits for your business or organization, or spotlight your upcoming outdoor-related event.

Contrary to the usual 'complimentary' publications, OutdoorsNW mirrors the quality of a "coffee table" magazine. Every issue is a showcase of extraordinary editorial content, imagery, and layout. As a consequence, it's usually perused from start to finish and passed on to various readers, thus giving advertisers a prolonged 'lifespan' for their promotional communication. Our readership consists of active, affluent enthusiasts of outdoor recreation, partaking in a vast range of activities such as hiking, skiing, cycling, paddling, and numerous others.

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Cost for listing event on website is $50. This includes one image, event writeup and one posting on social media.

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