Join the Tradition: Sustainable Christmas Tree Harvesting in National Forests

by Chad Hultz

Experiencing the joy of hunting for a holiday tree in the wilderness is a cherished tradition for many, offering a delightful way to spend time with loved ones while promoting forest health. This longstanding practice, passed down through generations, allows families to embark on an exciting quest for their ideal Christmas centerpiece.

Every tree that is selected, chopped, and brought home not only brightens up your holiday decor but also contributes to the well-being of our forests. The Christmas tree permit system engages the public in the process of thinning overpopulated areas of young trees, which are the perfect size for a Christmas tree.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how it works:

Prior to your forest visit, make sure to buy your christmas tree permit. Utilize the platform to secure your permit, familiarize yourself with the cutting area guidelines, and gear up for a thrilling woodland escapade.

Next, decide on the forest that suits best for your holiday tree expedition. Each participating forest has its own set of guidelines and season dates for tree cutting and there are over 30 national forests within the Northwest that are participating.

Finally, ensure you are safe and prepared. Thoroughly understand the terms of your permit and adhere to the recommended precautions for your visit.

Remember to purchase and print out your permit in advance, so you're all set to embark on your quest for the perfect holiday tree.