73rd Annual Agate and Mineral Show at OMSI

February 18, 2024

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is set to host the 73rd Annual Agate and Mineral Show, a gem and mineral show in Oregon that promises a captivating exploration into the natural wonders of geology. This family-friendly event, organized by the Oregon Agate & Mineral Society (OAMS), offers a unique opportunity for attendees to delve into the fascinating world of rocks, minerals, and fossils, with a special focus on Oregon agate and other agate minerals.

Event Details

When: February 23–25, 2024

Time: Daily, 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Location: OMSI, 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Admission: Free

Highlights of the Show

Exhibits and Activities

The show will feature over 30 exhibitors showcasing an array of beautiful cabochons — cut, shaped, and polished rocks — from across the Northwest. Attendees looking for a gem show near me or a rock and gem show near me will have the chance to see and learn about various rocks, including agate, jasper, and obsidian, through special displays and interactive activities.


One of the highlights includes demonstrations by OAMS members who will showcase the equipment and processes used in lapidary, the art of cutting, shaping, and polishing stones into vibrant cabochons, providing a fascinating insight into the craftsmanship behind mineral preparation.

Special Displays

Unique to this year's show are several special displays:

An artistic rendition of the Oregon state seal made from a diverse selection of the state's stones, including the Oregon sunstone, the state gem.

A "food table" featuring rocks that surprisingly resemble food items.

A dig pit where children can enjoy hunting for their own rocks.

A selection of handcrafted jewelry and window hangings available for purchase [2].

Educational Impact

The OAMS continues its long-standing partnership with OMSI by donating all proceeds from the Agate and Mineral Show to OMSI’s Hancock Field Station. This contribution supports outdoor education opportunities in Central Oregon’s John Day River Valley, an area celebrated for its fossil-rich formations and geological significance, making the event a gem show in Portland with a purpose.

Additional Information

For those planning to visit the show, the Portland Visitor Center and the 'Near Me Now' app provide resources to explore more of what Portland has to offer, including omsi parking information. Additionally, attendees can sign up for newsletters to stay informed about future events and attractions in Portland.

The 73rd Annual Agate and Mineral Show at OMSI is not just an event but an educational journey that brings the community together to appreciate the beauty and science of the natural world. Whether you're a seasoned geologist, a hobbyist, or simply curious, this gemstone show offers something for everyone to enjoy.