Run for the Trees

by Chad Hultz

The "Run for the Trees: Happy Little (Virtual) 5K" is a delightful event that combines the joy of running with the love for the environment, inspired by the serene legacy of painter Bob Ross. Sponsored by Washington State Parks Foundation, this virtual run allows participants to complete a 5K distance anywhere outdoors, embracing the beauty of nature between April 22-26. Whether you're a runner, walker, or hiker, this event is an opportunity to contribute to the tree planting and forest protection efforts, ensuring the trails and parks in Washington remain verdant and thriving. Registration benefits include a keepsake Happy Little T-shirt, a commemorative bib number, a finisher's medal, and a Happy Little Trees sticker, all mailed directly to participants. Embrace the spirit of Bob Ross and lace up your shoes for this eco-friendly virtual race that supports the green spaces we all cherish.

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